Skid Steer Stump Buckets are relatively new on the Skid Steer Attachments scene. There are several manufacturers that have added a Stump Bucket to their product line-ups, but none on them compare to the universal quick attach Wicked Stump Buckets made by Construction Attachments!

Just check out the video to see what we mean.

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Available with or without the grapple, the wicked stump bucket is designed to be stronger than the machine you mount it on. Created with a wide mouth opening, and CNC High Carbon Steel cutting edges on the side cutters, this Stump Bucket will provide you with the tool you need to rip, cut, and dig out those unwanted stumps right out of the ground quickly and easily!

Other Stump Removal AttachMents

Skid Steer Stump Grinders -

The Stump Grinder is also a good choice for anyone in the stump removal business. Allows you to remove stumps in tight places while minimizing the impact on the area around the stump.

Skid Steer Forestry Mulchers -

Although they are pretty expensive, a Forestry Mulcher Attachment for your skid steer is also a very good way to chew right through tough stumps, trees, and under growth.

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Not only is their website more informative than anywhere else we looked, but it also has more products! Skid Steer products that are MADE IN THE USA, and built to do the job time and time again. Their customer service and knowledgable sales staff are known for making sure your attachments will fit your particular skid steer, and are happy to discuss your intended uses.